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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Faith - Mindfulness Tip #8

Faith allows me to see beyond by fears and challenges. When I doubt my faith or it is weakened by circumstances, I have lost my connection with God. I am not able to connect with my child and fear consumes both of us. When I am mindful of my fear, it ceases to control me. I breathe in and re-connect with God. God’s presence gives me re-assurance and guidance. I realize the goodness of God. I realize the miracles he has worked in my life. My faith is restored and strengthened. I am able to conned with my child and clam his fears. Together we are aware of God’s blessing. We are aware of his protection. We are aware that God will carry us through all of our challenges.

“And to the centurion Jesus said, 'Go; let it be done for you according to your faith.’” Matthew

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Staying in the Moment - Mindfulness Tip #7

Obsessing about the past takes me out of the moment. Fantasizing about the future takes me out of the moment. Obsessing and fantasizing take me out of relationship with God. I cannot be in relationship with my child when I not in relationship with God. I cannot be present and mindful. I breathe deeply and slow down my thoughts. I connect with God. I capture and release all thoughts that are not focused on God. I experience all that God has for me in this moment. I experience wholeness and peace. I take this with me and connect with my child. Together we experience and affirm the goodness of God. We are free from fear. Through prayer and meditation we become aware of the endless possibilities God has waiting for us. All we need to do is stay connected and step into his grace. We are thankful for his goodness to us.

“A pleasant vineyard, sing about it! I, the Lord, am its keeper; every moment I water it.” Isaiah 27:2-3

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