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Sunday, September 7, 2014

How Does Fear Show Itself To You?

Fear manifests itself in a variety of ways: anxiety, anger, sadness. I have had personal experience with fear manifesting itself as resistance.
I was scheduled to participate in an event, and was experiencing a great deal of resistance within myself. The resistance comes from the conscious level as well as unconscious level.

Being gone for an extended time takes a lot of preparation time to tie up loose ends. After coming back, it somehow seems like a lot of those loose ends get untied. So, I resist going because I fear what I have to do upon my return.

What will I have to face in myself while I’m away? What unconscious layers of fear and trauma are going to be revealed to me about me? I fear the feelings that are often brought to the surface within myself when I am undergoing professional training and development.

Knowing that at the end of this process I will feel much better does not take away the fear.

1 Timothy 1-11. Love coming from “… a good conscience and a sincere faith.” That is what the stress model is all about. Responding from love, based in good conscience and sincere faith. By focusing on love, we become open to the see what God has for us.


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