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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Being a Father - Tip #9

Understand the difference between punishment and discipline.

A child’s obedience is a function of the co-regulation between the parent and with the child. Co-regulation creates a secure base. A secure base influences obedience. A secure base creates positive neurological feedback loops and positive conditioning. Lack of co-regulation between parents causes children to react out of fear. So parents, if you’re dys-regulated, then don’t expect your children to be obedient. When you are dys-regulated, God doesn’t get upset with you. He doesn’t put you in time out. He is there for you regardless of your state of regulation. This is the model you need to follow with your children. Unfortunately there has been a blurring of definitions and lack of understanding of expectations. Punishment is used and is expected to get the results of discipline. Isn’t it more sociably acceptable to say that you’re “disciplining” your child rather than punishing him? I have found that most parents believe punishment and discipline are synonymous. Also, parents don’t truly understand what a natural consequence means.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Being a Father - Tip #8

Take care of yourself.

Focus on transforming yourself into the parent God wants you to be. As a parent, you have to feel good enough about yourself to be emotionally available to your child. Your window of tolerance needs to be able to handle any emotion their child brings to them. You need to be a secure attachment figure for your child. God calls us to be in a state of love for our children. You are the best and most likely agent of change for your child. To do this you must be in the process of resolving your own issues. I believe this calls for a heart change.

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