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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Fear Holds Us Back

Throughout our life’s journey, we will learn how fear enters into everything we do, even the things that are good and positive in our lives.

Bruce Perry says that the amygdala codes all new experiences as fear until deemed otherwise. In every walk of life, from school to work to parenting, there are many situations that it takes our system time to deem as “otherwise.”

It’s normal to experience fear in new situations. The challenge is to not live there.

That is hard when you are experiencing situation after situation that triggers fear. Fear challenges our faith. I find myself constantly having to re-affirm my faith and speak faith words into my life.

The fear we experience doesn’t have to be the paralyzing fear we experience from trauma and abuse. Fear can be experienced like a little cloud that is always following us around. It puts a shadow on everything we do. It brings constant doubt to all situations. It makes us question our abilities in everything we attempt. Familiar tasks seem bigger than they are. Everything is more complicated.

Fear shrinks our window of tolerance, our patience levels. Most of all, it is responsible for stealing our joy. Satan takes advantage of any cracks in your faith. He is relentless. John 10:10 – ‘The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy”.

Realize the hold that fear can have on your life. God will love and protect us as we face it head on.


Ken Thom, MS, LPC is a nationally recognized Christian counselor and writer. He is available for parent and individual coaching. Ken is a Post Institute Certified Family Regulatory Therapist, Certified Coach and Great Behavior Breakdown Instructor as well as a certified BCI parent trainer. Ken's book Christian Parent Wisdom is a daily scripture based medication book for parenting children with challenging behaviors. Contact Ken.