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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Religion vs. Spirituality

On this journey, it is important to separate religion from spirituality.

Religion is the way that you practice your spirituality. It is a structure through which you demonstrate your faith. Religion is made by man. Therefore it is flawed. All too often, our perception of spirituality and faith is damaged by religion. Therefore, it is important to look past religion to what you believe in.

When religious and other human experiences block your spiritual journey, you may need to review the articles on forgiveness. Be courageous and press on to break the bondage of shame and heal spiritually. Belief in Jesus means that there is a power greater than yourself that you can rely on.

Jesus said in John 14:6 NIV “I am the way and the truth and the life.”

That is not to the exclusion of others, but that Jesus is the ultimate power.

That is very scary for shame-based people because of their lack of trust, which is based on their human experiences. It is natural and normal to place human characteristics on God because our human experiences dictate our perceptions.

Reading the word of God will help you understand the new information needed for your paradigm shift.

The Bible is full of God’s promises and words of encouragement.


Ken Thom, MS, LPC is a nationally recognized Christian counselor and writer. He is available for parent and individual coaching. Ken is a Post Institute Certified Family Regulatory Therapist, Certified Coach and Great Behavior Breakdown Instructor as well as a certified BCI parent trainer. Ken's book Christian Parent Wisdom is a daily scripture based medication book for parenting children with challenging behaviors. Contact Ken.