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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Love Heals Shame

A big stumbling block I find in most shame-based people is their lack of understanding of God grace. If your shame blocks you from being able to receive the full measure of God’s grace, then read the January 2012, Love in Action Newsletter @ Newsletter Archives. God’s gift is already given. It is there for you to take. John 19:30 NIV - Jesus hung on the cross and said “it is finished”. His work on the cross gives you permission to throw off the bondage of shame. His work on the cross allows you to be released from the shackles of your shame. The closest thing I can compare this to is the love you give your children. No matter what, you wouldn’t take it away. No matter what, you wouldn’t stop giving it. You may not feel that way at times, but I believe that is what is in your hearts. God put it there. He does it perfectly. You must strive to do the same. Your new faith-based community will help you see this. They will encourage you along your journey.

Find out more about healing shame through love, read January 2012 Love in Action Newsletter