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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jesus and Healing Spiritual Shame

Belief in Jesus means that there is a power greater than yourself that you can rely on. Jesus said in John 14:6 NIV “I am the way and the truth and the life.” That is not to the exclusion of others but that Jesus is the ultimate power. That is very scary for shame-based people because of their lack of trust. Their lack of trust is based on their human experiences. It is natural and normal to place human characteristics on God. Our human experiences dictate our perceptions. Therefore, we expect God to treat us like others have. If you did the work suggested in the first four articles, then you should be developing a new support system. I strongly recommend that this include a church community or church family. As you begin this process of healing, you’ll begin to feel the love of Jesus. Shame will cause you to doubt this love. Shame will block out the power and the love of God. Shame will block out the healing grace of God. That is why encouragement from other believers is so important. Reading the word of God will help you understand the new information needed for your paradigm shift. The Bible is full of God’s promises and words of encouragement.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Healing Spiritual Shame

This is usually the most challenging area for shame-based people. Spirituality is the deepest level that humans operate from. Spirituality is deep within our core. The ability to live in peace and harmony is a function of our spirituality. Shame contaminates our spirituality. It causes our spirituality to be very negative. Shame keeps us operating from a fear base, not a love base. The basic definition of a shame-based person is at they are flawed and inadequate and do not deserve happiness or success. Shame blocks what God wants for us. Shame reinforces our belief of being unworthy. Shame tells us that we are sinners with no hope. Right now, I’m telling you that there is hope. You may be in a place where that is hard to believe. All I am asking is that you be open to the hope that is available. This will take a paradigm shift of whom and what you believe in. This will take a paradigm shift of where your security is based. I will get right to the point. The paradigm shift I’m asking you to make is to put your hope in Jesus. That is where your security needs to be based. Jesus is who you need to believe in. The word of God is what you need to believe in.

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