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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Divine Order

The Christmas season brings many things into our lives. Our worldly focus is shifted to the birth of Christ. We are able to see family members who live a distance away. We exchange gifts and focus on giving.

Christmas also brings stress. Our schedules are disrupted. We eat less on the healthy side. Christmas festivities can easily cause over stimulation which leads to dys-regulation.

Divine order, just like love is always there. We need to be mindful of ourselves and our children. We then need to slow down and become attuned to the Holy Spirit. When we breathe and slow down, we are able to seek God that is in us. We begin to realize that God is working through us. Connecting with God gives us the inner peace we need to allow our lives to unfold as has it planned for us. Confusion and challenges disappear.


Ken Thom, MS, LPC is a nationally recognized Christian counselor and writer. He is available for parent and individual coaching. Ken is a Post Institute Certified Family Regulatory Therapist, Certified Coach and Great Behavior Breakdown Instructor as well as a certified BCI parent trainer. Ken's book Christian Parent Wisdom is a daily scripture based medication book for parenting children with challenging behaviors. Contact Ken.

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