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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tolerate Crying as a Need for Empathy

Many times crying becomes intolerable to parents. This probably due to them not being allowed to cry or if raised by the Dr. Spock philosophy allowed to cry without being consoled. Crying is a communication that a child has reached a pint far outside his window of tolerance. It’s an indication of being swept away by a swift current and having nothing to hold onto. Change your paradigm from crying being weak to crying being a call for help from a very scared child. My other articles and newsletters on fear are available to you as a free resource. My book, Christian Parent Wisdom is an excellent resource that combines stress model principles with scriptures in a daily meditation format. Buy Christian Parent Wisdom at and receive a FREE 30 minute consult with me when you mention that heard about this FREE offer though this Blog on your order.

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