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Saturday, September 22, 2012

School Success Tip #7: Help Your Child Find Resources and Empower Your Child*

Start with teaching your child internal resources. Teach him to breathe in and self regulate. Help your child identify his body symptoms of stress so he can do his own early intervention. Next of all identify external resources. Find out who your child feels emotionally safe with at school and encourage development of those relationships. That person may be one of the support staff who work in the cafeteria, maintenance, or housekeeping. Develop strategies that the school and your child can use in times of stress. This could be something as simple as a safe room or safe space within the school. Connection with a safe person is the best. You could prearrange times for telephone calls to help your child connect with you when he is at school. *Adapted from 10 Important Back-to-School Tips for Parents and Teachers - Heather T. Forbes, LCSW If you find yourself needing additional support and encouragement to advocate for your child, contact me for a FREE 30 minute phone consult when you subscribe to my weekly Christian Parent Wisdom and mention that you heard about this FREE offer though this blog on your subscription order. I offer more school strategies and resources in my July 2012 Love in Action Newsletter - Back to School Resources at

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