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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Back to School Tip #8: Assess the Classroom Environment*

Become familiar with the physical setup of the classroom. Ask for permission to spend some time in the classroom with your child. Pay attention to noises, lights, hallway distractions, and peer interactions. The business of the classroom is important to assess. This means looking at how much information is displayed on the walls, objects hanging from the ceiling, and the manner in which the walls are decorated. Assess how the teacher greets each child as they enter the classroom as well as their demeanor during teaching times. You can usually tell how personable a teacher is by observing how children respond. Tone of voice, facial expression, and eye contact can either be soothing or over simulating. *Adapted from 10 Important Back-to-School Tips for Parents and Teachers - Heather T. Forbes, LCSW If you find yourself needing additional support and encouragement to advocate for your child, contact me for a FREE 30 minute phone consult when you subscribe to my weekly Christian Parent Wisdom and mention that you heard about this FREE offer though this blog on your subscription order. I offer more school strategies and resources in my July 2012 Love in Action Newsletter - Back to School Resources at

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