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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Grace Heals Shame

God’s grace is necessary and sufficient to take release us from the bondage of shame. You are probably asking, how can that be? The apostle Paul says that ...”in great endurance; in troubles, hardship and distresses; . . .”yet we live on”. We are alive not dead, we are rejoicing and posses everything. 2 Corinthians 6 NIV. Let me begin by explaining what grace is. Grace is God’s favor upon you that you will never deserve. You cannot earn it. You cannot buy it. Anything you do to earn God’s grace, makes it less than it is. God loves you even though you are undeserving. God loves you even though you are unworthy. God loves you when you are unlovable. This is probably not congruent with how you feel on the inside. It goes against every shame-based blueprint you have developed. God views you through the blood of Jesus. God favors and blesses your life. The world tells us to measure ourselves by achievements and material worth. This is just another form of legalism. Remember that the law kills and the spirit gives life. When you are born again, you put off the old and put on the new. The new is Christ’s new life for you. You are redeemed and freed from the bondage of shame. You don’t have to carry the old of the past with you. Why would you chose to live in the shame and guilt and ugliness of your past life? Why would you when you were given grace for free. Romans 5:15 American Standard

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