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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Restin in the Lord

I didn’t blog last week during the week of Thanksgiving because the Sunday before Thanksgiving I had just returned from a parent camp in Wisconsin with Bryan Post. Catching up on four days of snail and e-mail and getting ready for the shortened week took all my energy and focus. I didn’t realize how emotionally and physically drained I was until the Saturday after Thanksgiving. I hadn’t slowed down and taken any time for myself. Even though Thanksgiving was a down day, it still involved travel and being away from my secure home base. I hadn’t taken the time to reflect and process my experience at the parent camp. Although always rewarding, parent camps are emotionally draining as I am challenged by my own issues being triggered. I am constantly telling parents to take care of themselves so they will be emotionally available for their children. I realize how hard this is. Sometimes it’s hard for me and I’m not raising several children with challenging behaviors.

I started this week out feeling refreshed and energized. On Monday I was able to accomplish a lot of tasks. My thinking was clear and I was able to focus and not be distracted by the interruptions that are always a part of my day. I am writing about this to simply re-enforce how important it is for all of us to take care of ourselves. Even Jesus took a break from the crowds to go rest. If it’s good for Jesus, then I believe it is good for us also. A significant part of me taking care of myself is maintaining and enhancing my spiritual connection. This connection is vital to all that I do. It leads, guides and directs me. In my “busyness” I had lost connection with the Lord. Make a commitment this December to give your self the gift of self care and resting in the Lord. To learn more about my testimony and integrating Biblical truths with Bryan Post’s Stress Model, go to and get a copy of my CD “Spiritual Connection”.

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