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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Be a Sensory Detective for Your Child at School

Secure environments in the school have more to do with emotional safety verses physical safety. Most children easily feel physically safe in school. Emotional safety may be much more difficult to obtain, especially for children with trauma histories. It is imperative to understand that the brains of children with trauma histories operate differently. They are susceptible to any number of external stimuli that can trigger fear. These triggers can be connected to traumatic events that date as far back as birth. Normal, everyday stimuli in the environment may not be normal for traumatized children. Noises, lights, movements, temperature, smells and transitions can easily be over looked and then your child gets punished for an emotional reaction they have no control over. Remember that stress causes confused and distorted thinking and suppresses short term memory. This interferes with learning and contributes to negative behaviors and attitudes. Be an advocate for your child in the school. More resources available at

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